How financial services leaders and HR teams can leverage analytics for strategic partnerships?

97% of bank leaders believe that branches will need to be re-designed in the next 1 or 2 years…. How can a data driven team management and new working models help leaders and HR partners beyond COVID-19? Improving plans, predictions, and agility in response to external disruptions has made generating insights from front- and back-officeContinue reading “How financial services leaders and HR teams can leverage analytics for strategic partnerships?”

How can a 360-customer view help banks to engage with customers?

According to the 2020 Oracle survey “Customer Experience Trends in Financial Services,” 39% percent of banks surveyed stated that their inability to effectively put data to work results in inconsistent customer engagements. They struggle to bring together real-time front office interactions with data, insights, and offers to form a best-in-class end-to-end experience. At a recentContinue reading “How can a 360-customer view help banks to engage with customers?”

Are Banks really responsible in a digital world? Challenges @COP25

This week, we held a discussion on Responsible Banking on the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25). It connected different experts from Bank of Spain, Santander, etc, with the coordination of @CEU. Green and Responsible Banking In terms of green banking, the EU is considering a “green supporting factor” for bank lending: for example,Continue reading “Are Banks really responsible in a digital world? Challenges @COP25”

The Coming Talent Battle in Financial Services: Hiring Millennials and Gen Z

Millennials and Generation Z are now nearly half of U.S. population, which presents recruitment challenges for banks and insurance firms. With recruiting, onboarding, and talent management best practices changing alongside new generational demands and digital transformation, financial services leadership must adjust or face dimmer hiring prospects. Full Interview at on Hiring #Millennials and #GenZ for #FinancialServicesContinue reading “The Coming Talent Battle in Financial Services: Hiring Millennials and Gen Z”

Employment opportunities and #Digital transformation

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a fresh slate of data in the jobs report, showing 164,000 jobs added and a steady 3.7% unemployment rate. Despite recession fears, these numbers continue to show optimism that the market still has potential to grow. The average worker will also need to stay abreast of their ownContinue reading “Employment opportunities and #Digital transformation”

How are banks becoming digital sales engines? “Intelligent Sales” @Finextra

In the era of “Intelligent Banking”, banks like BBVA and Citi are applying AI and autonomous solutions to grow margin and revenue using the most effective channels. Leveraging their data, they hyper-personalize communications and systematically maximize sales conversion. “Intelligent Sales” is not just about business growth, but also about being relevant to their customers andContinue reading “How are banks becoming digital sales engines? “Intelligent Sales” @Finextra”

3 Hyper-trends from Mobile World Congress #MWC18

In terms of business impact, we can summarize the Mobile World Congress #MWC18 with 3 core topics: 1) Hyper-personalization of Customer Experience, with Artificial Intelligence (#AI) Virtual assistants are no longer a trend, but a real business driver present everywhere. They really help to set the customer at the center. For example: Google showcases inContinue reading “3 Hyper-trends from Mobile World Congress #MWC18”

In the Ranking of Influencers/ Economic Leaders 2018 (Choiseul)

Proud to be awarded in the “Influencers” magazine as one of the “Economic Leaders for Tomorrow”, Spain-2018. Influencers magazine ( and the European think tank Choiseul ( publish the Top100 Leaders Ranking for 2018. It includes key business leaders and entrepreneurs, such as Lupina Iturriaga (Fintonic), Luis Baon (Egon Zehnder) or Pedro Moneo (Opinno) amongContinue reading “In the Ranking of Influencers/ Economic Leaders 2018 (Choiseul)”

“Meaningful Relationships” with Artificial Intelligence

Customers have already changed. According to Accenture research, 45% of customers in Spain are “Nomads”, digitally advanced customers, used to new digital solutions. And almost 44% of Spaniards are “Quality seekers”, expecting a personalized service. In this complex context: What are the trends to engage with customers on the Digital Revolution? This was a question I tryContinue reading ““Meaningful Relationships” with Artificial Intelligence”

Are you maximizing your Return on Digital Investments?

The Digital Revolution is disrupting, not just the customer experience or the channels’ transformation, but the core of the business value. In 2011, there was just 1 tech company among the Top5 largest companies in U.S. by market cap. Exxon was bigger than Apple, and the other three companies were also incumbents: the oil companies PetroContinue reading “Are you maximizing your Return on Digital Investments?”

#Transformaciondigital : Posts para el verano

Como propuesta de lectura para el verano, una actualización de los 3 Posts mas leidos sobre digitalización del blog [Aqui la version PDF para su descarga]. Digitaliza tu negocio en 5 pasos Los responsables de grandes y pequeñas empresas están explorando cómo pueden generar más negocio gracias a la revolución digital que estamos viviendo. PeroContinue reading “#Transformaciondigital : Posts para el verano”

Incluido en la lista Forbes de “Los 10 jovenes ejecutivos españoles con mayor proyección”

Tras la publicación por Expansión del ranking de los 100 directivos de Choiseul, ahora la prestigiosa revista Forbes me incluye entre “Los 10 jóvenes ejecutivos españoles con mayor proyección“. En la 7ª posición del ranking Forbes, tengo el honor de compartir espacio con Barbara Navarro (Google), Dimas Gimeno (El Corte Ingles), Javier Olivan (Facebook), etc.Continue reading “Incluido en la lista Forbes de “Los 10 jovenes ejecutivos españoles con mayor proyección””

Ranking of European Leaders Under-40 & Expansion

Several newspapers include details of the Ranking “European Leaders for Tomorrow”, by the think tank Instituto Choiseul.  As well as being awarded the #17, the Spanish newspaper Expansion includes my profile today under the headline “Young, prepared and leading”. Congratulations to my colleagues also included.   This ranking of leaders under-40 is an study independently carried out by the EuropeanContinue reading “Ranking of European Leaders Under-40 & Expansion”

Reconocido por Expansion y Choiseul entre “Los 100 ejecutivos entre 30 y 40 años que despuntan”

Agradecido por ser reconocido en la posición #17 en este importante ranking de los líderes españoles de mayor proyección. Expansion se hace eco del Ranking de los 100 Economic Leaders for Tomorrow, que el Institut Choiseul presentaba oficialmente el 6 de abril en la Fundación Telefónica. Según la noticia del periódico Expansión: “Un listado de 100Continue reading “Reconocido por Expansion y Choiseul entre “Los 100 ejecutivos entre 30 y 40 años que despuntan””