“Meaningful Relationships” with Artificial Intelligence

Customers have already changed. According to Accenture research, 45% of customers in Spain are “Nomads”, digitally advanced customers, used to new digital solutions. And almost 44% of Spaniards are “Quality seekers”, expecting a personalized service.

In this complex context: What are the trends to engage with customers on the Digital Revolution? This was a question I try to solve in my keynote speech for the new edition of Salesforce Essentials in Barcelona. In this big meeting point for customer management professionals, I summarize the challenge as building “meaningful relationships” with your customers.

The challenge, as well as the opportunity, is about connecting with intelligence across the key moments of the customer journey. It means evolving for massive campaigns, to automated and intelligent conversations across channels:

1)Helping the customers in the pain points of their journeys, as Klarna.

Klarna is a European start-up expert on ecommerce payments, founded in 2005. It has already processed transactions from 60 million users in Europe and North America across 70,000 merchants. The idea is simple. Klarna makes online shopping simple, making possible buying without the use of cards and only using top of the mind information: email, zip code and billing address. For returning customers, it’s just a one tap payment experience. It has became the Spotify of ecommerce, with the motto “Buy now. Pay later”

Based on this point of difference, Klarna has even got this month a banking license from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority: maybe a thread for banks in Europe?

2)Offering advanced automatic advise, as the robot Collette.

For advanced automatic interactions, Collette is a virtual mortgage robo-advisor that asks customers questions in a natural conversational style and generates personally-tailored advice.

3) Translating Artificial Intelligence into solutions, as Salesforce Einstein.

One of the most talked about topic was actual applications of Artificial Intelligence. There were some examples on how solutions as Salesforce Einstein improve the customer interactions in digital and mobile channels.

Highlight: Are you building “meaningful relationships” with intelligence on your digital transformation?

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