Are Banks really responsible in a digital world? Challenges @COP25

This week, we held a discussion on Responsible Banking on the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25). It connected different experts from Bank of Spain, Santander, etc, with the coordination of @CEU. Green and Responsible Banking In terms of green banking, the EU is considering a “green supporting factor” for bank lending: for example,Continue reading “Are Banks really responsible in a digital world? Challenges @COP25”

In the Ranking of Influencers/ Economic Leaders 2018 (Choiseul)

Proud to be awarded in the “Influencers” magazine as one of the “Economic Leaders for Tomorrow”, Spain-2018. Influencers magazine ( and the European think tank Choiseul ( publish the Top100 Leaders Ranking for 2018. It includes key business leaders and entrepreneurs, such as Lupina Iturriaga (Fintonic), Luis Baon (Egon Zehnder) or Pedro Moneo (Opinno) amongContinue reading “In the Ranking of Influencers/ Economic Leaders 2018 (Choiseul)”

Ranking of European Leaders Under-40 & Expansion

Several newspapers include details of the Ranking “European Leaders for Tomorrow”, by the think tank Instituto Choiseul.  As well as being awarded the #17, the Spanish newspaper Expansion includes my profile today under the headline “Young, prepared and leading”. Congratulations to my colleagues also included.   This ranking of leaders under-40 is an study independently carried out by the EuropeanContinue reading “Ranking of European Leaders Under-40 & Expansion”

Awarded as Top100 “Economic Leaders for Tomorrow” Spain

Thanks to the European think tank Instituto Choiseul for awarding me as Top100 “Economic Leaders for Tomorrow” Spain (#17)… And congratulations to my colleagues also included. The Choiseul 100 “Economic Leaders for Tomorrow” is an study independently carried out by the European think tank Institut Choiseul. It identifies and ranks the young  under 40 years old, who will playContinue reading “Awarded as Top100 “Economic Leaders for Tomorrow” Spain”

European Marketing Evolution: 3 Key Transforming drivers

Recent news suggests European marketers are gaining relevance worldwide. The Coca-Cola Company has appointed a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): the Iberian Division President, Marcos de Quinto. It seems an interesting global challenge, after his success in Spain in terms both of strong brands and business transformation (with a huge internal merge).   In a globalContinue reading “European Marketing Evolution: 3 Key Transforming drivers”

Is Customer Experience the silver bullet for younger customers’ engagement?

A few weeks ago, I was guest speaker at the International Customer Experience Summit, held in Barcelona. It was interesting confirming a real interest on beginning to improve the customer relationships, in industries such as Financial Services or Telecommunications. Nevertheless, there is still a lot space for improvement in many services’ interactions. This is especially relevant for youngerContinue reading “Is Customer Experience the silver bullet for younger customers’ engagement?”

Customer Experience Exchange 2013

Customer Experience Exchange in London, with IQPC, sharing some ideas on innovation and customer engagement. Some thoughts around Customer Engagement through Innovation in the Financial Services Revolution… Innovating on the multi-channel experience increases our customers’ engagement, but also the promotion of our brands, and therefore our overall value. We will be sharing some real cases aboutContinue reading “Customer Experience Exchange 2013”

Customer Acquisition, Retention and Communication EFMA Confence

European Conference with EFMA (European Financial Marketing Association), about customer loyalty. Thoughts on what are the key drivers for building value to our business.  Some cases on how to build strong relationships with our customers, both in the off-line and on-line touch-points, in the banking industry. At the end of the day, what are the key driversContinue reading “Customer Acquisition, Retention and Communication EFMA Confence”