3 Hyper-trends from Mobile World Congress #MWC18

In terms of business impact, we can summarize the Mobile World Congress #MWC18 with 3 core topics:

1) Hyper-personalization of Customer Experience, with Artificial Intelligence (#AI) Virtual assistants are no longer a trend, but a real business driver present everywhere. They really help to set the customer at the center. For example:

2) Hyper-connected home and car
Rather than smart, homes and cars get connected in the ecosystem. We can turn on the light at home from our car, or vice versa.  For example, Samsung with the connected home, or Google Home. And also some companies showcase Amazon Alexa based solutions, such as SEAT.

3) Hyper-speed for everything, with 5G and Cloud
All the devices, virtual assistants, platforms… are connected thanks to 5G and Cloud developments. Cheaper and faster. For example, Alibaba showcased Alibaba Cloud solutions.

But the important question after all: Which trend is having more impact on your business? None? All?

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