Accelerating our partnership on #greendigital between @AWS and @Cepsa in Seattle!

I’m thrilled to announce a new stage on our #greendigital partnerships. We recently held an executive session in Seattle with Amazon Web Services (AWS), where we explored how digital, data, and cloud technology can accelerate the energy transition. Through this partnership, Cepsa and AWS will work together to develop innovative solutions that reduce carbon footprintContinue reading “Accelerating our partnership on #greendigital between @AWS and @Cepsa in Seattle!”

Launching #CepsaGow experience

We are thrilled to announce that with #agile methodologies, CEPSA teams are collaboratively revolutionizing digital experiences. Our new #CepsaGoW loyalty program and app are just the beginning of the incredible journey we’re embarking on towards a more sustainable future. We can’t wait to spread more #positivemotion as we work towards the #energytransition!

Forbes, digitalizacion y experiencias

Forbes se hace eco de la relevancia en Cepsa del diseño de experiencias digitales para clientes y empleados, según ha mostrado el evento “Industrial Experience Summit”. Forbes highlight the relevance at Cepsa of designing digital experiences for customers and employees, as shown by the “Industrial Experience Summit” event. Cepsa apostará su transformación digital al diseñoContinue reading “Forbes, digitalizacion y experiencias”

Forbes Innovation Day “Catch the future”

Forbes, en su décimo aniversario, ha reunido en el Museo Thyssen de Madrid, a líderes del ámbito de la tecnología de diferentes compañías para explorar qué impacto va a tener esta transformación digital. El artículo completo ya está disponible. Forbes, on its tenth anniversary, has brought together technology leaders from different companies at the ThyssenContinue reading “Forbes Innovation Day “Catch the future””

Profiles of Progress @The Economist

Thanks to The Economist and Cepsa for being featured as one of “The Economist – Profiles of progress”. “Profiles of Progress”, we talk to some of the world’s most progressive and innovative leaders. The dreamers, the doers, and the evangelists for change, who are responsible for delivering progress — be it technological, societal, environmental orContinue reading “Profiles of Progress @The Economist”

CDO of the Year 2023 CIONET

Thanks to my CDO/ CIO peers at CIONET for my nomination for Spanish CDO of the Year 2023! CIONET is the largest community of senior digital and IT leaders in Europe and Latin America. They invite the digital community to participate in the selection of the tech and digital leaders of the year, in theContinue reading “CDO of the Year 2023 CIONET”

Back to Europe as CEPSA’s CDO!

After these incredible years with Oracle in Silicon Valley, I am back to Europe, as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of the global energy group CEPSA. I am excited to lead its digital transformation, with a team of experts that are making a positive impact on sustainable mobility and energy transition. Thanks to the Oracle teamContinue reading “Back to Europe as CEPSA’s CDO!”

Stanford “AI in FinTech Forum”… again in person!

This weekend, we enjoyed the Stanford Engineering “AI in FinTech Forum 2022″… again in person! Mixed feelings: really positive the overall experience, and the progress of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications at the intersection of finance and technology. But with hallway conversations around funding and cash restrictions for startups in Silicon Valley,Continue reading “Stanford “AI in FinTech Forum”… again in person!”

Minting and selling my blockchain NFT photo collection: Fad, risk or investment?

Due to the growing interest of Non-Fungible Token (NFT) applications, I am minting and selling my collection of photos “Silicon Valley 2020“. Non-Fungible Tokens are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on blockchain technology and cannot be replicated. NFTs are used for a variety of transactions, specially for digital artwork, collectives, and digital representations of physical assets. They openContinue reading “Minting and selling my blockchain NFT photo collection: Fad, risk or investment?”

How financial services leaders and HR teams can leverage analytics for strategic partnerships?

97% of bank leaders believe that branches will need to be re-designed in the next 1 or 2 years…. How can a data driven team management and new working models help leaders and HR partners beyond COVID-19? Improving plans, predictions, and agility in response to external disruptions has made generating insights from front- and back-officeContinue reading “How financial services leaders and HR teams can leverage analytics for strategic partnerships?”

Thrilled with the new book “De Silicon Valley a tu Negocio”

After a few years living in Silicon Valley with Oracle, and helping companies and professionals through the California-Spain Chamber of Commerce, it seemed a good time to share some learnings about this ecosystem and a mindset that combines the human side with digital transformation. Thanks to the support ESIC Editorial, we share how innovation, computerContinue reading “Thrilled with the new book “De Silicon Valley a tu Negocio””

Silicon Valley Technology and Innovation for ESIC Business & Marketing School

The Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem inspires entrepreneurs and professionals around the world. As an example, the California-Spain Chamber of Commerce has connected Spanish entrepreneurs with the SiIlicon Valley ecosystem, in the recent Silicon Valley – Spain Venture Summit 2021. And new companies, such as Instacart, take advantage of the digital revolution to transform entire sectors,Continue reading “Silicon Valley Technology and Innovation for ESIC Business & Marketing School”

Come meet the best startups from Spain at Silicon Valley-Spain Venture Summit 2021

The Summit, organized by California Spain Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Comercio California España – CSCC), will feature a group of 6 selected early-stage startups who will pitch in front of a panel of Silicon Valley well-known investors. VCs are also invited to attend the event and connect with the founders to explore investment opportunities. StartupsContinue reading “Come meet the best startups from Spain at Silicon Valley-Spain Venture Summit 2021”

Spain Silicon Valley Venture Summit 2021

The California Spain Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Comercio California España – CSCC) is connecting early-stage startups from Spain with Silicon Valley-based Venture Capitalists. Save the date for the Spain Silicon Valley Venture Summit, the 26th May, and connect with CSCC to get more info. A good opportunity to connect Spanish startups with Silicon Valley VC community!