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Based in Silicon Valley, David helps organizations around the world to accelerate digital transformation and P&L growth, boosting customer experiences, brands and digital sales through technology, data, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Responsible for developing the digital strategy of the global bank BBVA for 10 years, David is empowering the growth of banks and insurance firms, now with a tech approach at Oracle, and before with a consulting approach at Accenture Digital.

Press: Digital Transformation (El Confidencial, La Razón…)

Book: “Innovation, Data and Artificial Intelligence” (ESIC Editorial)

From a business applied perspective, professionals, entrepreneurs and students of any profile will develop their capacities on data management and Artificial Intelligence (AI), technological platforms, innovation systems and other critical tools for digital transformation.

Available on: Amazon Other bookstores

Book: “Digitize your Business” (ESIC Editorial)

This book on Digital, published by ESIC Business & Marketing School, is a practical guide for managers and entrepreneurs to digitize their big companies or SME. The book includes a 5-steps framework and tools +  real best practices: cases from big established companies such as Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble, till tech leaders as Amazon, Apple or Google, and also start-ups, as Kiip y Tesla

Available in: El Corte InglésAmazon, Casa del Libro,  ESIC and other bookstores

Video: “Digitize your Business” (ESIC Business & Marketing School)

Articles: “Digital Business & Transformation”


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