Back to Europe as CEPSA’s CDO!

After these incredible years with Oracle in Silicon Valley, I am back to Europe, as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of the global energy group CEPSA. I am excited to lead its digital transformation, with a team of experts that are making a positive impact on sustainable mobility and energy transition. Thanks to the Oracle teamContinue reading “Back to Europe as CEPSA’s CDO!”

Conversando en Hoy es Marketing 2021: Innovation From Silicon Valley

Hoy es Marketing, uno de los mayores eventos de Management, Marketing y Economía Digital, vuelve en formato híbrido el 18 de noviembre. Gracias a la invitación de ESIC Business & Marketing School, compartiremos junto a grandes amigos y cracks de Silicon Valley, Ethel García (Microsoft), Hugo Giralt (Propelland) e Ignacio Riesgo (Red Hat), aprendizajes sobreContinue reading “Conversando en Hoy es Marketing 2021: Innovation From Silicon Valley”

How financial services leaders and HR teams can leverage analytics for strategic partnerships?

97% of bank leaders believe that branches will need to be re-designed in the next 1 or 2 years…. How can a data driven team management and new working models help leaders and HR partners beyond COVID-19? Improving plans, predictions, and agility in response to external disruptions has made generating insights from front- and back-officeContinue reading “How financial services leaders and HR teams can leverage analytics for strategic partnerships?”

Accenture and Credit Suisse, winners of Oracle #MarkieAwards 2020

The Oracle Markie Awards recognize top companies and partners for creative, innovative, and effective marketing. In this challenging 2020, finalists demonstrated a fierce dedication to innovation and excellence in customer experience that drove robust, measurable success. Congrats @Accenture teams for the @Oracle #MarkieAwards as CX Partner of the year! And congrats to Credit Suisse, for theContinue reading “Accenture and Credit Suisse, winners of Oracle #MarkieAwards 2020”

Hacking Silicon Valley? Inspiration for European entrepreneurial ecosystems

After some months in Silicon Valley, I had several conversations regarding its entrepreneurial ecosystem, and even the potential of other areas worldwide to foster startups with the same impetus. From a fruit orchard area to the current epicenter of technology, the Valley has evolved thanks to different stakeholders, on top of entrepreneurs and startups. SomeContinue reading “Hacking Silicon Valley? Inspiration for European entrepreneurial ecosystems”

New Life in Silicon Valley!

After an awesome year in Oracle EMEA, working with great colleagues, clients and partners, I have begun a new adventure as expat in our @Oracle headquarters in Silicon Valley. Now on a global basis, helping worldwide Financial Services leaders accelerate their digital transformation with Oracle applications, evolving Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, andContinue reading “New Life in Silicon Valley!”

Employment opportunities and #Digital transformation

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a fresh slate of data in the jobs report, showing 164,000 jobs added and a steady 3.7% unemployment rate. Despite recession fears, these numbers continue to show optimism that the market still has potential to grow. The average worker will also need to stay abreast of their ownContinue reading “Employment opportunities and #Digital transformation”

How are banks becoming digital sales engines? “Intelligent Sales” @Finextra

In the era of “Intelligent Banking”, banks like BBVA and Citi are applying AI and autonomous solutions to grow margin and revenue using the most effective channels. Leveraging their data, they hyper-personalize communications and systematically maximize sales conversion. “Intelligent Sales” is not just about business growth, but also about being relevant to their customers andContinue reading “How are banks becoming digital sales engines? “Intelligent Sales” @Finextra”

Claves de Transformacion Digital en El Confidencial

En colaboración con ESIC y WOBI, y en compañia de expertos internacionales como Charlene Li y Nathan Furr, El Confidencial recoge nuestra conversación sobre las claves para triunfar con la transformación digital. Sintéticamente, hablamos sobre: Cómo desarrollar negocio conectando lo físico y lo digital, aprovechando la tecnología y la Inteligencia Artificial y potenciando el talentoContinue reading “Claves de Transformacion Digital en El Confidencial”

From ‘Digital Banking’ to ‘Intelligent Banking’ transformation

In a fiercely competitive digital landscape, banks need to accelerate the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and autonomous cloud technology (a.k.a. “Intelligent Banking”) to boost digital sales, optimize costs and empower agile, internal talent. Banks that are slow off the mark stand to lose a big growth engine. Four areas are key for an “IntelligentContinue reading “From ‘Digital Banking’ to ‘Intelligent Banking’ transformation”