European Marketing Evolution: 3 Key Transforming drivers


Recent news suggests European marketers are gaining relevance worldwide. The Coca-Cola Company has appointed a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): the Iberian Division President, Marcos de Quinto. It seems an interesting global challenge, after his success in Spain in terms both of strong brands and business transformation (with a huge internal merge).


In a global market, and with the economic recovery, it seems that building strong brands with a value orientation and a more content & social driven approach, returns profits to the companies.

In this transformational context, this week I have been invited to speak at the 7th Thought Leader Global Marketing & Branding Forum on innovation, money and the new customer.

Reviewing the different trends, we could highlights 3 key trends in Marketing & Branding:

  1.  Omni-channel & mobility: the customers want to connect anytime, anywhere… they want. Mobile business is the hot topic, and the main source of growth in many businesses.
  2.  Value creation in branding: investing in branding requires a “scientific”  value focus, investing and measuring its ROI.
  3.  Roots & core values: the employees and the company culture are still key in the transformation on many companies. As an example,  traditional luxury brands, as Jaeger-LeCoultre, innovate taking care of its culture and the connection with the past.


To highlight: innovating with mobile focus, but taking care of the brand roots

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