Human-Experience (HX): Humans are back… thanks to AI

After years innovating with the Digital revolution, companies already get focused on the Customer Experience. But after the  Digital expansion, now Human Experience (HX) can be the new norm. It encompass the human context (emotions, needs, relationships…) with the experience companies deliver, integrating digital and physical interactions.

Three facts point that humans are back, and the rise of Human-Experience:

1.(Behavioral) Economics becomes human 

This summer I caught up with Richard Thaler books, the Nobel-prize economist, and realized that also the relevance of humans are back in Economics. People are not that rational, emotions are important, and economists need to understand the human context of the people: for example, the how and why we spend or save in the real world.

For example: Although there is a lot of buzz on Millennials, sometimes we forget the digital-physical context we all live and how consumption changes. In 1999, 65% of young Spaniards said to go out every weekend, but in 2017 this figure is only 26%, because of the preference of digital connections. This has a huge impact to many businesses: soft drinks, spirits, leisure…

2.The new digital trend: Physical is back

The design consultancy Fjord publishes each year some key trends in the digital world. This year, the first trend is clear: “Physical flights back”. With the fear of “screen addiction” among many users, they also value blending physical and digital.

For example: Even primarily digital brands as Amazon or Deliveroo are focusing on the physical presence, fueled by data to improve the experience.

3.Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps to humanize experiences

Beyond the fear on the impact of AI, several developments help to transform the experiences based on data analysis, and its evolutions thanks to machine learning. It can include also ethics evaluations.

For example: A new Accenture solution, “AI Fairness Tool”, applies intelligence to detect and even eliminate different bias in artificial intelligence applications: gender, racial or ethnic.

Question: After all, can Human Experience (HX) become the new Digital?


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