Digitize your Business… my new book available on Amazon


On top of my previous books on Digital Advertising and Innovation & Digital Marketing, now Amazon is also offering my new third business book on DigitalPublished by ESIC Business & Marketing School, both on paper and ebook, it is a practical guide for managers and entrepreneurs to digitize their big companies or SME.

In order to focus these digitalization efforts, the book includes a 5-steps framework and tools. The key source of value to develop is both the customers and the brand. And to increase that business value, organizations need to master a customer-centric strategy, with a data-driven tactic.

It includes also a number of real best practices: cases from big established companies such as Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble, till tech leaders as Amazon, Apple or Google, and also start-ups, as Kiip y Tesla. I am sure this framework, tools and examples will be useful in the current Digital Revolution.


To highlight: a practical business book to help on the digital revolution


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