My new books is Top#9 on the’s Advertising Bestsellers Ranking

 After the first week of my new book on Advertising and Competition worldwide available on Amazon, it has been incredible all the support I have received from friends and blog readers. In fact, after this first week, the book is on the bestsellers’ Top 9 worldwide! But of course inside the’s section of Advertising. This is anContinue reading “My new books is Top#9 on the’s Advertising Bestsellers Ranking”

My new book on Advertising and Competition has been published… and is already available on Amazon!

 My new book on Advertising and Competition has been published… and is already available on Amazon! Once, it was a PhD dissertation… but now is a book. The research I made could be useful in other non-academic fields, as long as it provide scientific support to the huge investment on advertising companies do. It isContinue reading “My new book on Advertising and Competition has been published… and is already available on Amazon!”

“Big Insights” in the Services Revolution

I have been invited by ESOMAR and IE to share some thoughts on Decision Making based on Market Research. It is a good opportunity to forecast about the changes some business decision support units are having within the “Services Revolution” going on. The key about the changes in the Services industries in the digital era is aContinue reading ““Big Insights” in the Services Revolution”

Edison Innovation Awards 2013

Analyzing and Judging Edison Innovation Awards 2013… and the ceremony in Chicago. The Edison Awards™ have recognized and honored some of the most innovative products and business leaders in America and is among the most prestigious accolades honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design and innovation. Product and service innovators participate inContinue reading “Edison Innovation Awards 2013”

Chief Marketing Office Council Journal 2013 Peer Sphere

Interview for the Chief Marketing Officer Council Journal, Peer Sphere Answering about the shifting of trends CMOs are facing and how these changes are impacting the marketing strategies: How marketing influences the overall business? How customer behavior and demands are redefining marketing strategies? Sharing some thoughts about the new focus of Marketing: an innovative, multi-channel approach of keyContinue reading “Chief Marketing Office Council Journal 2013 Peer Sphere”

Customer Experience Exchange 2013

Customer Experience Exchange in London, with IQPC, sharing some ideas on innovation and customer engagement. Some thoughts around Customer Engagement through Innovation in the Financial Services Revolution… Innovating on the multi-channel experience increases our customers’ engagement, but also the promotion of our brands, and therefore our overall value. We will be sharing some real cases aboutContinue reading “Customer Experience Exchange 2013”

Customer Acquisition, Retention and Communication EFMA Confence

European Conference with EFMA (European Financial Marketing Association), about customer loyalty. Thoughts on what are the key drivers for building value to our business.  Some cases on how to build strong relationships with our customers, both in the off-line and on-line touch-points, in the banking industry. At the end of the day, what are the key driversContinue reading “Customer Acquisition, Retention and Communication EFMA Confence”

Customer Experience Management Summit Allan lloyds

Global Summit around Customers, talking about how can innovative experiences create value in the Financial Services revolution. Customer Experience as a process requires a true customer-centric vision for all the company on 4 steps: Consumer understanding, using the voice of the customer to improve business strategies Designing meaningful experiences… also in services industries Delivering holistic experience, specially on-lineContinue reading “Customer Experience Management Summit Allan lloyds”

Contribution to the Book Reinventing Financial Services

The book analyzes what consumers expect from future banks and insurers’, as a guide for the future of Financial services. The key idea is  setting the customer at the core of the business. Regarding BBVA case, we share examples from innovation and customer-centric views. To Highlight: real cases and experiences from Financial Services companies worldwideContinue reading “Contribution to the Book Reinventing Financial Services”

Q&A Chief Marketing Office Council Journal

Q&A for the journal of the Chief Marketing Officer -CMO-  Council, Marketing Magnified To highlight: perspectives on the challenges, requirements and goals for the new marketing CMO Council Journal 2010