Silicon Valley Technology and Innovation for ESIC Business & Marketing School

The Silicon Valley innovation ecosystem inspires entrepreneurs and professionals around the world. As an example, the California-Spain Chamber of Commerce has connected Spanish entrepreneurs with the SiIlicon Valley ecosystem, in the recent Silicon Valley – Spain Venture Summit 2021. And new companies, such as Instacart, take advantage of the digital revolution to transform entire sectors, such as the distribution of food, in the United States.

But, what can businesses from any sector and dimension of the way of innovating in this ecosystem quickly apply? For ESIC Business & Marketing School, we identify 5 steps to innovate a business creating relevant experiences for consumers, facilitated by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud or SaaS.

Business of any size can connect with their customers and offer them new “human” experiences thanks to a strategic approach based on data and an increasingly flexible and accessible technology: technological “humanisation”. More on ESIC.


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