Edison Innovation Awards 2014: More mobile, more data

EdisonInnovationJUDGES_Seal2014 On the 29th April, the 2014 Edison Innovation Awards Ceremony is taking place in San Francisco. This is the second year I am serving as a judge, so I can compare now the evolution in the nominations. Last year, of course, technology was the star of the show.

In this 2014 edition, we can check the relevance of mobility solutions, such as the smartwatches  and  wearables. For example, the nomination of Qualcomm watch and Fitbit activity wristband.

But also data solutions confirm their relevance. For example, SumAll help businesses integrate all their social and on-line services data. And also the use of data to increase health, as in the caso of Proteus digital health. Even a bank as Citi explore opportunities across data, health and payments, with Money2 for Health. It seems the limits between categories are disappearing…

To highlight: innovative ideas for services thanks to tech, mobility and data convergence.

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