Design + Data = Business


A lot have been said about the relevance of information with big data. It seems to be a stable trend across industries, and an engine for innovation.

But, how does big data trend match with the importance of design? Of course, data allows smarter decisions based on real usage patterns and needs. But it still should be more useful for people. How? Maybe combining art and science. Together, big data is the intelligence, and design would drive the human action. In fact, design is key in the Digital Revolution to solve problems. Some designers, as Ideo’s CEO Tim Brown, identified this combination of big data and design as one of the key design trends.

As an example of this combination of data and design, the partnership between Apple and IBM announced last week. They  ”bury the hatchet” and reach an agreement focused on  mobile, both to develop  business apps and sell iPhones and iPads to IBM corporate customers. Some said it would be especially important for boosting IBM’s profits… but also to expand Apple’s footprint:

Beyond that, it is interesting the idea of combining big data and design capabilities to increase sales and profits in the mobile arena.

To highlight: new opportunities combining data/science with design/art

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