Customer Experience Management Summit Allan lloyds

Global Summit around Customers, talking about how can innovative experiences create value in the Financial Services revolution. Customer Experience as a process requires a true customer-centric vision for all the company on 4 steps: Consumer understanding, using the voice of the customer to improve business strategies Designing meaningful experiences… also in services industries Delivering holistic experience, specially on-lineContinue reading “Customer Experience Management Summit Allan lloyds”

Social Media ESIC

Seminario sobre Social Media en ESIC Business & Marketing School. Más allá del auge de redes sociales como Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti o Linkedin, “Social Media” es un fenómeno en auge de relación de los consumidores entre sí y con sus marcas que abre nuevas posibilidades de conectar, pero también nuevos retos para las empresas anteContinue reading “Social Media ESIC”

Contribution to the Book Reinventing Financial Services

The book analyzes what consumers expect from future banks and insurers’, as a guide for the future of Financial services. The key idea is  setting the customer at the core of the business. Regarding BBVA case, we share examples from innovation and customer-centric views. To Highlight: real cases and experiences from Financial Services companies worldwideContinue reading “Contribution to the Book Reinventing Financial Services”